LS300 - Layer Stacked

The Stacked Layer System is available with 4 to 6 decks and with various combinations of tiers between catwalks, depending on the needs. This system was designed with greater height for better ventilation.

# of LayerArea in Sq. In
7 82
8 72
9 64

Manufactured with wire partitions that allow air to flow freely throughout the house, providing the optimal environment for the layers.

This modular system has structural support and reinforced feeder trough support in heavy galvanized steel, every 2 feet (0.60mts) on every tier, contributing to the strength and durability of the equipment.

Now, equipped with polypropylene door latches. These are secure and easy to use, providing easy and convenient access to the layers.

The System is fully-automatic, increasing efficiency and lowering labor costs. All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes", without belts, thus eliminating the need for maintenance and belt changes.

The flexible reinforced floor design, maintains the ideal angle for the rollout of eggs without obstructions. After the egg is laid it easily rolls onto the egg belt in front of the cage. When the Egg Collecting System is turned on, the belts carries it to a cross conveyor, where the system, without any mechanical transfer, facilitates clean eggs to the grader room, completing the fully automated process.

This system comes with polypropylene manure collecting belts located between each tier. These collect the waste of the day and when put in motion, carries it to the end of the house, where it's deposited on a cross conveyor that take it outside the house.


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