PA240 - Pullet A-Frame

The A-Frame Pullet Cage Systems are available with 3 decks, the appropriate size for the entire period prior to the laying stage.

This system was designed with greater height and the ability to raise the nipple drinkers to accommodate to the growing size of the pullets. This allows for ease of access to water during the entire pullet period prior to the laying stage.

This system was engineered with a cage stand & reinforced feeder trough support in Heavy Galvanized Steel every 4 feet (1.22mts) on every tier.

Created as a Fully-Automated System, which increases efficiency and lowers labor costs. All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes", without belts, thus eliminating the need for maintenance and belt changes.

All Alaso A-frame Cage Systems are equipped with polypropylene manure deflectors to a bottom pit, without maintenance required until the end of the flock cycle.


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