PS240 - Pullet Stacked

The Stacked Pullet Cage Systems are available with 3 and 4 decks.

Modular Cage System that facilitates the assembly process.

Structural Support and Reinforced Trough Supports every 2’ (0.60mt) on every tier.

Feeder Troughs manufactured with Galvanized Steel GA20.

With wire cage partitions that allow air to flow freely throughout the house without obstructions.

All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes”, without belts or need for maintenance.

Feeder and drinker systems adjustable to the growing size of the pullets, facilitating access during the entire pullet period.

With a J-lock nipple design and round tubes of ¾” in diameter.

Filter, medicator and water meter assembled per row, enabling more control of the flow of water to the layers.

Flex500 Independent Feed Filling System of 5” in diameter. (Exclusive to Alaso)

Available with Flat Chain Feeding System or Traveling Hopper Feeding System.

The Traveling Hopper Feeding System offers lower power consumption and requires less maintenance.


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