• Nipple Drinker System

    Alaso's Drinking System includes TWO Nipple Drinkers of 360 degrees high flow in each cage, a Water RegulatorFilter and Medicator assembled per row, enabling more control of the flow of water to the layers.

    The J-lock Nipples Design, contributes to the ease of maintenance and helps reduce water waste, keeping the cage dry for the comfort and health of the layers.

    This system is equipped with round tubes of 1" in diameter, a size that allow the system to delivers the amount of fresh water necessary for the layers during the entire period.

  • Feed Distribution System

    Feed Distribution is available with a Traveling Hoper Feeding System or Flat Chain Feeding System. Both designed to effectively work with all Alaso Systems and smoothly distribute the feed throughout the house.

    Alaso's Flex500 Independent Feed Filling System of 5 inches in diameter, allows for an efficient feed filling process. This is installed in front of the house and, as an additional option, on the back.

    The Traveling Hopper Feeding System offers lower power consumption and requires less maintenance. With a Dispenser Exclusive to Alaso, it evenly distributes feed, mixing the one in the hopper with the one in the trough.

    The Flat Chain Feeding System contributes to lowering costs associated with feed waste, thanks to how it efficiently mixes the new feed with the old and works with any type of feed.

  • Egg Collecting System

    The Egg Collecting System is adapted to both the Stacked and the A-Frame Systems. All Layer Systems are equipped with flexible reinforced floors that help maintain the ideal angle for the rollout of eggs, without obstructions, onto the egg belt.

    In the Layer Stacked System the belts carry the eggs to a cross conveyor, where the system, without any mechanical transfer, facilitates clean eggs to the grader room, completing the fully automated process.

    In the Layer A-Frame System the belt carries the eggs to the header, where flexible fingers gently descend them to a cross conveyor that takes them to the grader room, completing the fully automated process.

  • Climate Control System

    All Alaso Systems include the option of Climate Control. This system comprises of Evaporative Panels and Tunnel Ventilation.

    The design of our Housing Systems coupled with the Climate Control System, which aids in the drying of the manure; help reduce a large percentage of the ammonia emission and costs associated with controlling flies.

    Suggested equipment based on specific needs.

  • Manure Removal System

    The Stacked System has manure collecting belts made of polypropylene, located between each tier. These collect the waste of the day and when put in motion carries it to the end of the house, where it's deposited on a cross conveyor that take it outside the house.

    The A-Frame System is equipped with polypropylene manure deflectors to a bottom pit, with no maintenance required until the end of the cycle.

  • Pre-Fabricated Structures

    The Alaso Pre-Fabricated Structures were designed with elevated floors, specifically for egg production.

    Representing the most innovative in poultry structures, they are fabricated 100% with Steel (without plastic or wood)

    Made with Industrial Grade material for Agricultural Applications, and created to efficiently work with the Alaso Housing Systems.


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