Bulk Feed Delivery System

  • Feed Distribution is available with a Traveling Hoper Feeding System or Flat Chain Feeding System. Both designed to effectively work with all Alaso Cage Systems and smoothly distribute the feed throughout the house.

    Alaso's Flex500 Independent Feed Filling System of 5 inches in diameter, allows for an efficient feed filling process. This is installed in front of the house and, as an additional option, on the back.

    The Traveling Hopper Feeding System offers lower power consumption and requires less maintenance. With a Dispenser Exclusive to Alaso, it evenly distributes feed, mixing the one in the hopper with the one in the trough.

    The Flat Chain Feeding System contributes to lowering costs associated with feed waste, thanks to how it efficiently mixes the new feed with the old and works with any type of feed.

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