LF400 - Layer Flexx™ System

LF400 - Layer Flexx System Measurements

A system created to provide flexibility and adaptability to adjust to a changing market. The Flexx™ System (LF400) can convert from Alaso’s Enrichable System (LS400) by removing the partitions and adding the enrichments.

Alaso’s Flexx™ System offers respectable conditions for animals, while still maintaining an efficient and profitable egg production. The enrichments allow birds to demonstrate their natural behavior, as they move freely throughout the system.

2 Nests - comfortably padded and closed with flexible curtains that allow layers to privately lay eggs. The nest pad design has perforations to help keep the area clean, while providing comfort and cushion for the layers.

6 Perches – The round perch design allows layers to perch comfortably and intuitively inside and outside the system.

Nail Trimmers – strategically placed throughout the system allowing layers to easily access them at any time.

Egg Tray Cover - Protects eggs before collection and provides a transition for layer out of the system and onto the litter area.

12 Drinker Nipples - with 360° high flow, providing the appropriate water flow, while reducing water waste and keeping the system dry.


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